This is a series of buildings, joined together to make the Stewart Hotel (1871-1896). The oldest sections are the west and east ends, circa 1860. The west end was built as a bunkhouse for workers at the sawmill which was located about where the Shell Station/ALLROOS now stands. The series of buildings became the Mission of the Transfiguration in 1899. In 1907, Jock Spence applied the slash-pine over the gray lap-siding of the hotel. Note the cross within the design. He also built the three log porches across the north facade. The stagecoach stop was in the room entered from the southeast porch. 

In 1991, the parish renovated the St. Mark's / Stewart Hotel, the most visible of all the buildings in the district. Volunteers from the parish helped in the restoration. 

Our church office is now located in this historic building, as well as offices and classroom space for the Episcopal Day School of Evergreen (EDSE).